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It had something like 16Mb, but probably could have taken more. The on-board video is a nice feature if you were trying to save cash, but would have been a problem for anyone looking for better performance. Surprisingly it was a mainboard, a time when overclocking meant replacing the crystal oscillator. The CPU configuration block has no markings at all, requiring you to look up the manual , which luckily is still available. It would probably suite running something like NetBSD which tends to require much less resources and can take advantage of the second processor. These IR devices were usually treated as a serial port, so software like hyperterm was usable with them.

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Boards like this one were and still are quite unusual for the PC architecture, most only have one CPU socket to keep costs low and the complexity of the motherboard down. In use they usually proved to be slower and less reliable than just using a cable.

Luckily standard AGP cards will work quite happily in vre board.

MSI MS – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iBX Overview – CNET

Luckily the front panel jumpers are labeled, and the voltage selection for the CPU is labeled. It had something like 16Mb, but probably could have taken more.

They did miss an opportunity to put the voltage regulation on the module, which would evr made the slot 1 more flexible and future-proof.

In the case of the Celeron processor, all MB of RAM you could possibly install in the is completely cacheable meaning you aren’t penalized ms-61533 for adding in more RAM as was the case during the days of the Intel TX chipset with Socket-7 motherboards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript. With dual processors and the ability to use high-end workstation graphics this would have suited the task quite well with a few caveats.


MSI MS-6153 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 370 – i440BX

The software bundled with the consists of MSI’s SoftCooler, a Software CPU Cooling Device that allows the processor to essentially “rest” while it is waiting for user input to begin processing verr item, and depending on your CPU usage patterns, this software may significantly reduce the heat production and power consumption of your CPU. Like other boards this age it has L2 cache chips, in this case K pipeline burst cache.

They also ended up on value boards like SiS chipsets used to, but had better software support when that was required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This would have been necessary in order to power the second CPU. Around the main fer are some of the reference silk-screen, which are quite handy, but are unfortunately quite distant from the jumpers they are a reference for!

Still, you could set this up without the manual. They initially designed another socket, which was called socket 8, this saw limited production as there was a problem with how the cache was integrated onto the CPU.

MSI MS – Motherboard – ATX Support and Manuals

Do not compare newer ratings to older ones, the newer ratings are much more aggressive. This story in fact starts off way back in the micro computer era of C64 and ZX spectrum, which essentially had integrated graphics.

You could have also used a commercial Unix or a free one like BSD or Linux, which come with their own problems. These IR devices were usually treated as a serial port, so software like hyperterm was usable with them. Gough’s Tech Zone Reversing the mindless enslavement of humans .21 technology.

I have a total of Mb for this board. An unusual feature of this board is the un-populated footprint next to the main power supply connected.

22.1 has lots of standard slots allowing for upgrades and expansion. Unlike most implementations of the AMD supported Super7 motherboard standard, Socket is being approached with a more high-end approach, most motherboards ger the same basic configuration as their more expensive slot-1 counterparts, with a few more features to keep mx-6153 to date with the times.


This particular offering from ASUS was obviously a commodity board with sockets for the older but cheaper main memory, the lower chip count and small form factor. On-board GPUs have a significant advantage in some areas, such as the CPU being able to write draw essentially directly to the frame buffer, and the GPU being able to read texture vee directly from system memory.

Unfortunately the CMOS battery is dead and cannot be easily replaced on this particular board. Like many Socket 3 boards, this one will take both 3.

Case in ms-6135 would be Microstar International’s first attempt at a Socket creation, the MS This board has a VIA chip-set and is marked MS, but if you search for that online you turn up a board that looks almost identical but has an Intel chip-set instead. Perhaps the board can detect the speed automatically. The utility allows you to select the Front Side Bus frequency of your system, as well as tweak the core voltage from 2.

Last time I powered it on only one processor fan appeared to power up, I need to spend some time to determine if the power supply I have for it is the cuplrit or if this board has suffered some kind failure.

This graphic memory is usually dual ported, or in the case of modern GDDR5 which is capable of accessing two pages of memory simultaneously effectively dual ported although only having one. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.