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Two queues are used when good throughput and low CPU utilization are required. Enables or disables Jumbo frame capability. Teams display as Virtual Adapters in Windows. Click here to review our site terms of use. Discover the magic of the Internet.

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Enables or disables Jumbo frame capability.

Equivalent to EtherChannel or Link Aggregation. You might choose to increase the number of Transmit Descriptors if you notice a problem with transmit performance.

Gigabit master slave mode Decides whether the adapter or link partner is designated as the master.

If the adapter is handling many small packets, lower the ITR so the driver is more responsive to incoming and outgoing packets. The primary adapter is the adapter that carries the most traffic.

Don’t add the primary back on that network until the server it was removed from is rebooted. General with event ID as 12 sometimes and 41 sometimes and even 1 sometimes. Contact us about this article. Can I support please be added back into future builds?

The adapter also uses fewer CPU resources. A higher ITR also means the driver has more latency in handling packets. Ndjs2 and respond The adapter generates and responds to flow control frames. All Content – Wired Ethernet http: Software for Windows River-Simulator is a helpful, trial version game only. Teaming features include failover protection, increased bandwidth throughput aggregation, and balancing of traffic among team members.


Advanced Settings for IntelĀ® Ethernet Adapters

Transmit Descriptors are data segments that enable the adapter to track transmit packets in the system memory. The load is balanced according to the lowest common denominator of adapter capabilities, and the bandwidth of the channel. The LMLB team also provides fault tolerance in the event of switch port, cable, or inttel failure. I tried to disable the power saving of the ethernet card, however it didn’t work.

Intel Communities : All Content – Wired Ethernet

Make sure no other systems on the network use this address. Pros what is the problem Cons this software is no good Reply to this review Was this review helpful?

Hot Plug operations with non-Intel adapters that are part of a team cause system instability. Increasing this value can enhance the receive performance, but also consumes system memory. We’ve tested it with two brand new Intel cables and got the same result.


R-Studio Driver [44 bytes]: When this feature is enabled, tagged packets use the queue settings defined lp the operating system Priority Level Definition. If you require a response, contact support.

Browse the Latest Snapshot.

Advanced Settings for IntelĀ® Ethernet Adapters

Changing this setting can improve network performance on certain network and system configurations. Use the New Team option and follow the wizard to create a team. I have several R2 systems with x NICs that blue screen and get network disconnects in the event logs when we have offloading turned on.

EFI, but I see that I support has been removed. My sniffer is not seeing VLAN, Any ideas please as I have tried everything I can think of: Note When a primary is removed from a team, its MAC address stays with the team until the server is rebooted.