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And as a truly final word, there are some disadvantages to running such a small resolution. The first place is in the xorg. Again I don’t really know why this works, but I figured it out by examing the errors given when just trying to make the tkusb kernel module. I used the latest stable driver from the egalax web site http: Hopefully you now have a working touchscreen and the retailer supplied tools working.

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eGalax Touchscreen On Debian Linux

You may also want to add a comment if you want, or just to go more with the flow of the file: My suggestion is download another program from http: Because the package has a calibrate program which uses libxaw8.

The information is stored in the display and is used to communicate with the system through a Display Data Channel DDCwhich rests between the monitor and the PC graphics adapter. An individual modeline has 10 parameters, beginning with a label for the resolution being specified. The device has an integrated serial touchscreen, and the manufacturer is notorious for hiding any and all documentation on legacy devices such as this one.

From this utility, you can do the calibrations that tell the touchscreen where the edges of your display are.

Touchkit for Debian. – Rex’s blah blah blah

You can select text and icons by putting your finger on the text. I placed calibration values for my XR-1 in both GDM and as a gnome startup script, since it uses automatic login: Touchscreens come in a variety of pre-packaged and separately packaged solutions. View image at full size.

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Various modelines may be gathered by querying Google, by checking manufacturers’ specifications, or by trying various toudhkit ones in the proper configuration file. Let me add that I am no whiz about modelines or even really understand them, so if anyone more knowledge insrall me doing something horrid, let me know.

And as a truly final word, there are some disadvantages to running such a small resolution. The device and driver were taken from the installation manual for the touchkit I used.

However I DO recommend running x instead because the screen phsyically has horizontal pixels and vertical pixels. You’ll most likely need to be root because you’ll be accessing the touchpanel via the raw device file.

If indtall x and y axis are swapped, use the “Evdev Axis Swap” 1 verb: These must come after lp and before rtc. Hold your finger down for a right mouse-click.

Thanks to Nick Kartsioukas Revision v1. I’ve also re-written the setup shell script with dpkg-query but didn’t use generalized version numbers for the required packages so that wasn’t a good solution.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, corrections- basically any feedback is welcomed and appreciated at this point. Enjoy and good luck! Following are two groups of four numbers.


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Find the line that says “set XF86Config xorg. The first error it complains about is. Now you’ll enjoy pressing each “bullseye” until it stops pulsating red This isn’t optimal though, touckit with a 7″ LCD trying to run generalized applications, what do you expect? The touchscreen is for input only; therefore, you need something behind it to display an image.

eGalax Touchscreens in 14.04LTS

The installer will immediately hop to Step 2 because of our modifcations we made in Getting to the Source Files. This happens when you run a resolution such as x, which has an aspect lnux of 4: Partly because of this acceptance, SoC System on a Chip and display manufacturers have started integrating touchscreen capabilities into their products; previously this requirement was met by after-market manufacturers.

Touchscreen This page is a documentation of my dealings with various touchscreen devices I’ve encountered.

The video option doesn’t really kick in until the rhgb Red Hat Graphical Boot starts. If you are a debian developer want to sponser this package, please make contact with me.