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The preamps are a mirror image of the audio source – something which definitely could not be said about my previous M-Audio interface or M-Box2. Product sounds good and I can’t detect any latency. Originally Posted by sever. By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So far I have no real issues with it, but it should be noted I only use this as a sound device, not as an input device for now. See any errors on this page?

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I’ve read about similar things but they dont seem to be the same problems I have. So is it capable of this and whatever is wrong with my card is just destroying the signal making it extremely quiet?

I suppose some day I may look at a manual, but so far there is focksrite need. I’d just like to know if anybody here has had a similar experience or can think of anything else that could be causing it before they come and get it, I’d hate to be sent another one only to have the same problem with it although so far it does seem like a fault with the unit. I’ve already spoken to Digital Village where I bought it from and phoned Focusrite to see what they think, one of their support team asked me to try it out on another PC which I did and had the same problem, a lot of noise and very low volume of music being played.


I don’t really focustite when it’ll be available still not available in France at the moment but I’m searching for experiences and opinions.

I’ve had mine a few months and no problems running it on my Acer laptop running Vista I prepared myself for disappointment before I safffire it and I can always take it back and swap for an Emu or something else? Focusrite doesn’t have published specs on the preamps or converters yet, but I’m almost certain the converters won’t hold a candle to the EMU. fkcusrite

Focusrite Saffire 6: Audio/MIDI Interfaces | eBay

All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. I’ve had the Saffire 6 audio interface for about a month now and it has been perfect for all of my home recording needs. Focusrite Saffire 6 USB accessories.

Not absolutely essential for me but would open up some interesting options. Also, you get a bunch of really great and quite usable software too!

Used guitar input and edrumkit via MIDI. So far it hasn’t been a very positive experience trying to get this to work with my Vista laptop so I thought I’d share on here in the hope that someone has an idea how I can get this thing working! Other choise would go to tc electronic desktop Lets say you have an Ableton session and you have 25 stereo tracks running will there not be issues sending all this info through usb1?

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Preamps on a low end interface are all about the same. Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. Focusrite Saffire 6 USB reviews. Vista, 2ghz, 3gig Ram and Cubase.

The headphone output on the saffige of the Saffire 6 USB can be switched to monitor the different sets of outputs. Saffire interfaces famously offer supremely low latency recording and the 6 USB is no different, with focuusrite minimum latency of just 77 samples. Page 1 of 5. I turned it on and went to work. I have no latency issues on my Vista laptop — the drivers are very light on the system, and everything installed with no problem.

The Emu has great conversion rates, which the Saffire rivals. On paper the EMU has better specs than the Saffire 6. The goal with an interface is to get the best conversion possible and to find a good clean preamp that doesn’t really add or take anything from the sound.

I haven’t even tried plugging a guitar or something in yet!! Yeah I was really impressed now if I could sing better I’d almost be tempted to buy a more flattering microphone to handle double duty like the M did, the Studio Projects CS5 looks like it might be the ticket but alas I digress.