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It just happens to be the last driver that loads while the text-mode driver list is displayed on a “safe mode” boot, so people blame it even though a later part of the boot porcess is hanging. It’s a common Windows Vista problem. When promted hit “next” until you see the choice to “Repair Computer” and select it. The original file has been signed by a trusted signature authority. Once logged on replace damaged files with sfc etc etc. Monday, June 30, 1:

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What is crcdisk?

None of the above where there to be found. Proposed as answer by Coffee-guy Wednesday, July 7, 5: No pc expert, and quite by accident, but all data intact and ready to roll. Microsoft needs sued for putting out such a defective product.

So filterr reboot, mess around with some other things, tried to boot up, still a nogo. This software is produced by Microsoft www. Apparently the crcdisk check looks at all hard drives mounted on the system.

And all seems to work fine so far 2 hours with multiple boots and iflter. There is no detailed description of filte service. I don’t think it was more than an hour. Since the error is unspecific and there does not seem to be more detailed information on the specific routines performed by this driver, I cannot speculate on the precise challenge that this driver seems to be encountering when it hangs. Looks like a totally different type problem that most here are discussing.


Windows process – What is it?

I also had an external drive attached and initially when I removed all USB connections that worked to get Windows reinstalled. I might just fliter a Mac. The laptop then spent 30 minutes “doing things” and rebooted.

Then I replaced the old drive crdisk the new one and the system booted up immediatly. I’m the type of tech guy that “beats the odds” frequently, and I can fix something by trying several different strategies.


It was not until I installed a new hard drive and used the USP port to access the bad disk that I was able to get at it. Running checkdisk fixed a lof errors, especially security permission ones, but still couldn’t reboot.

I don’t have a Vista disk since the computer filtr with Vista. After restart I couldn’t boot, because system files were said to be missing.

Reboot into Normal Mode.

I did attempt this process and it was not successful. I had a similar problem no hardware problem but in my case only a clean installation did it. Any of the safe mode options filteg in it stopping at crcdisk. I had just built the computer a couple of weeks ago, and it just started doing the same exact things listed here.


The system restore is then the best option.

windows – What is and what it means when it freezes to load? – Super User

Hope you don’t mean you are not going to do any more updates. Booted up on the new drive.

Friday, June 18, 5: The system hangs on CRCDisk. First when I received my friends computer he said he had a virus on it, so i opened it up looked at it, and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be happening, so i just proceeded to start with the basics, and it needed a Vista update SP1 which i thought to myself wow thats old why is it just now finding that update Replied on March 20, After installing the Auto Update on my laptop, the system rebooted and stopped right after the green loading bar.

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