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Polling IntervalThis function automatically checks for new messages on the POP server at regular intervals. Bizhub c code c-b – Fixya www. List Print] Page Network Error ListTake the following steps in response to the corresponding errors. Also ensure you have the fax set to the correct country code. To access the Device Configuration page, follow these steps:

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If you still cannot connect, contact the network administrator.

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How do I get in this thing to reset it or change whatever needs to be changed to fix it without calling service? The Device Configuration bjzhub. Operate from the [Scanner mode basic] screen on the LCD screen. The settings required for connecting to the network depend on the environment of the network the machine isconnected to, the OS of the computers making up the network, etc.

SOLVED: I have a konica minolta bizhub After a – Fixya

You can then confirm whether the selected printers are showing any errors or warnings and how long the queue is. Make the settings required to match theenvironment into which this system is being introduced. Download and use utility software, printer drivers and User’s Guides for each product. Touch the [anonymous] key for logging onto an FTP server that does not require an account. Buttons common to all setting screensWhen you touch [OK], the results of the operation are applied.


The factory default is set to [None]. To alter any of the DNS settings, follow these steps: Key Operator Mode4If a password is set, the key operator’s password input screen is displayed.

This setup process mustbe performed only by the server administrator. For subsequent operations, refer to the following.

Scanner] key on the [Key operator mode] screen. Posted on Jan 27, When you touch []or [], the screen display is switched. The body is selected with [Switch the page with [][][]. Selecting the Destination] Page To enable them touchthe [ON] key.

This App allows you to print anything from any devices over the web. Login to post Please use English characters only. When the copier power is turned off, these contents are erased.

Connection TimeoutThis function automatically stops the sending if communications bog down during data uploading to theSMTP server and a certain period of time elapses. Printer NameThis is the printer network interface card name used on the AppleTalk network.


Selecting the Destination7Touch the [OK] key. The AppleTalk Configuration pageopens. Scanner Initial SettingsFile Form defaultThis sets the default for the data storage format of scanning mode.

Inputting Text] 4Touch the [OK] key. When errors have occurred during a search, the popup menu is displayed.

The FTP Configuration page opens. To access the E-Mail Notification Configuration page, follow these steps: Inputting Text] Page If you want to use a name other than the default name or if you wantto change the currently assigned name, you may type a new print server name into this field. Net Care Device Manager is available as a succeeding product with the same function.