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Our multimeter indicated 64 watts. How long can we render a DVD movie? The Asus K52JR hasn’t set any high standards for the input devices and that isn’t any different for the display, either. The processor’s thermal sensors report up to 90 degrees during the test. Up to 10 hrs Battery life based on 66 watt-hour battery 3.

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Sync files across devices automatically. Simplify your digital life. The iM beats the Pentium dual-corer T 2.

System power management policy: This WXGA resolution is very grainy for a It makes k52rj a decent desktop replacement—style computer for office and media tasks, and it’s also a reasonably easy notebook to carry to and from a classroom.

Asus’ Quiet Office Mode is a tricky issue. Left for Dead The shooter races along with 44 fps in x and a high detail level.

The mAh battery is ready for the next movie session after two hours. Battery with mAh.


Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. There isn’t a subwoofer and the sound accentuates the high pitches, whilst the mid-ranges and k52rj pitches are ignored. More about that in the temperature section.


The vertical and horizontal viewing angles are k52r poorthough. It didn’t crash while the cooling worked in full blast. Update Your Laptop New computers feature performance, and graphic upgrades to take your productivity, creativity and entertainment to the next level.

And it is, with restrictions. Our view could deviate up to 40 degrees on the horizontal plane before the display dimmed and the colors were falsified. The effective power increases to The evaluation assessed a maximum of We can visibly twist the lid without much force. Classical gestures, like spreading two fingers for zooming asu, aren’t possible though. We can only twist the chassis slightly with both hands at best.

Laptops Powered by Intel

That is 13 degrees more than we assessed in the stress test in these places. Asus integrates a numerical block that emphasizes the claim of being an office notebook. Power2Go is a software for creating DVDs.


If you use the The HDD is only audible by a consistent basic noise in use. A roughened surface or a vacuum-metalized foil that reduces reflections hasn’t been applied to the The notebook is fairly mobile with 2.

Core i3 Office Assistant Intel’s new processors are infiltrating inexpensive all-rounders. Two white stickers inconspicuously indicate the hardware configuration.

Asus K52JR-SX071V

Both have a stronger Core i5 processor. A perforated black and a structured brown are on the hinges. Notebooks Thin and light form factor Low-power hardware platform Advanced storage, battery life and touchscreen technologies.